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Finding a Property

When you choose Monica & Mandy, we solely represent your interests. We do not represent both buyers and sellers in a transaction. As a buyer's agent, we add significant value to your search for a new home.

We begin by meeting with you to discuss timing, needs, family situations, types of properties, school districts and other important considerations. Based on your input, we do a highly customized online search to identify the best opportunities. Although many properties will be listed online, approximately 30% of Peninsula properties are sold without being listed on the MLS. That's where our extensive network of relationships benefits you. We have knowledge of—and can provide access to—these hard-to-find properties.

As your agent, we will tour with you to view properties. We understand sellers' motivations and needs, and our decades of local experience and inspection expertise means that we notice items you might miss. We don't hesitate to point out deficiencies in a property so that you have an accurate understanding of what is presented and can make more informed decisions.

We bring fully qualified and prepared buyers to sellers, and other real estate teams value our approach. Prior to making any offers, we ensure that you're fully qualified, preapproved, and prepared to make a successful offer.

Buyers looking to relocate to the Bay Area can meet and tour properties with us during their visits. We'll help them identify their requirements and preferences, tour local areas, and see representative properties. When they return home, we will send them new listings and other information about neighborhoods they've seen.

We also work with buyers moving into new seasons of their lives. Whether buying a property for the first time, expanding, or downsizing, we work side by side to ensure a good experience. We make sure they are comfortable with every step of the process, help them maximize their search efforts, and prepare them to confidently make an offer.


Offer Negotiation

When it comes time to make an offer, we prepare you to make the best possible offer presentation. We treat your money as if it's ours. Our strong negotiation skills enable us to advocate effectively for your best interests and work towards a transaction that honors the needs of both parties.


After the Purchase

Our relationship doesn't end when the transaction is signed. We're available to our clients after the transaction to help them with vendor or service referrals and other real estate questions.

Work With Us

Every client relationship begins with asking the right questions. Understanding your current real estate situation, goals, and preferences is where we start. Let's meet for a conversation.


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