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Watch Out for Trip Hazards

Dear Monica: I am ready to list my home and am concerned that uneven floors and walkways, as well as stairs, may be hazardous to visitors. What would you recommend? Catherine G.
Dear Catherine: You are right to be concerned about possible trip hazards in and around your property. There are many incidents of agents and visitors having mishaps at properties that are on the market. While you can’t eliminate hazards you can alert guests to their presence. Here are some recommendations: Use painter’s blue tape to highlight all stairs so that visitors can clearly see them. Avoid using shoe covers which can be slippery and cause accidents. If guests remove their shoes, stocking feet can also be slippery. It may be best to have them leave their shoes on.

Outside the structure, use blue tape or yellow hazard tape to mark trip hazards. It may not look beautiful but it is worth it if it alerts guests to uneven surfaces.

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