Using An Out-of-Area Agent to Sell My House

Dear Monica:  We are selling our house and my sister, who is an agent living in another part of the state, has offered to list it and reduce her commission. Is it a good idea to use an out of area agent?  Gina T.

Dear Gina:  There are a few reasons why using your sister as your agent may not be a good idea.  She may not be familiar with the contract used in this area, nor with the disclosures you and she are required to do.  Local agents may consider her remote which could affect the ease of communication.  It could be awkward for her as well if she doesn’t have a local network of agents to market to, and if she needs to visit the property often.

A better plan would be for her to either co-list the property with a known local agent, or to refer it to a good agent.  She could credit you her commission, which would save you money.

Where would you like to go from here?

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