The Most Important First Step for Buyers

Dear Monica:  We plan to move to the Bay Area later this year and have been looking online at what is available.  However we don’t really know where and how to start this process.  What would you advise?  Sarah T.

Dear Sarah:  The most important first step is to talk to a good lender who will evaluate your financial strength and qualify you for a loan.  This will tell you what price range you are eligible to buy in and what the expenses for your mortgage and taxes will be.  You will see the advantages of having a fixed or variable rate loan and choose the one you prefer. Once you know the financial structure, you will be ready to buy a home.

Where would you like to go from here?

Every client relationship begins with asking the right questions. We meet with you and take the time needed to fully understand your current real estate situation and what you want to achieve.
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