Spring Is a Bit Late But It’s Here

Dear Monica: We really want to sell our house and move to one with more land, where we can have a garden, and yet still be close to our family and friends. We don’t know if this is a good time to list our house. What do you think? Alicia D.
Dear Alicia: Yes, it could be a very good time to sell your house. The last months of sheltering in place slowed the market considerably but it looks now like it only delayed it. Buyers still need houses and like you, many are looking for a more comfortable place to be with more land, if available and affordable. Many city dwellers are moving to the Peninsula to do this and also because the things they love about living in the City, i.e., restaurants, museums, galleries, sporting events and more, are simply not open now. This seems a good time for them to relocate to a place with more room, We are lucky to have such great medical care in the Bay Area, and so no one wants to move too far from this. I encourage you to move ahead with your plans. It’s a very good time.

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