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Sellers Who Won’t Accept a Good Offer

Dear Monica: I made a full-price offer on a property (mine was the only offer). However, the sellers didn’t even counter it and their agent told my agent that they wanted a ten percent higher price. I am put off by this and want to know what you would advise. Sharon G.
Dear Sharon: Sellers who reject a full-price, non-contingent offer from a strong buyer are sending the wrong message to the market. They should have priced their property at a price they would accept. Unfortunately, some sellers set their asking price lower than they want and assume they will have multiple offers. But this doesn’t necessarily happen especially in this market.

You can wait them out and if they get a much higher offer, so be it. If they don’t get a higher offer you can revive your offer, possibly at a slightly higher price, and maybe the sellers will be ready to accept it.

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