Sellers Are Moving Up, Over, Down and Out

Dear Monica: I am planning to sell my house soon and have been seeing more inventory come on the market. I want to understand my competition better so can you give me more information on why these sellers are selling? Gerry W.
Dear Gerry: There are many reasons why sellers are deciding the time is right to sell their property. The main reasons are that some are moving to bigger homes, some to similar homes in different areas, some to smaller ones and some to other parts of the country.

Why now? Most are moving because the time is right for them to do so and low interest rates are attractive. Some of them have decided that the market has been strong for several years and may fluctuate soon as real estate comes to the end of a long growth cycle. No one can predict the future but some sellers who know they are going to sell in a year or two, are deciding to do so now.

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