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Is This a Buying Opportunity?

Dear Monica: I sold my home last year with the intent to stay in my vacation home for a few months and then return to the Bay Area. I stayed longer than planned and now want to move back. Is this a good time to buy? Renee D.

Dear Renee: In many ways, this is a good time to buy because there is good inventory available, less competition from other buyers, realistic sellers, and low interest rates. The real estate market has been mostly Sheltering In Place, with strict guidelines about how to show property during this time. Agents can show vacant properties if all parties sign a COVID-19 disclosure and waiver form, wear protective coverings, and keep at least a six-foot distance from an agent. Some sales have resulted from these showings.

If this model fits your needs, you should look for a good property. It is not known at this time whether the market will be even better for buyers in the future, but it is good right now.

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