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Is There a Market for Smaller Homes?

Dear Monica: My husband and I want to move to a smaller home, now that our children have grown, but we aren’t seeing a good inventory of this type. Do you have any advice on where we might find what we are looking for? Carol T.
Dear Carol: Not everyone wants a big house. There is a large and growing market for well-designed smaller homes. Younger and older buyers are all looking for these properties. They want them well built, well-located, and affordable. In our area, these properties are especially hard to find because of the high cost of the land.
For many, especially older buyers, the best way to get what you want is to build it, which works for those who can afford the time and expense. Most younger buyers cannot afford this and decide instead to find an affordable home in a good location. They want to be close to transportation and if they have children, in a good school district. As 2020 begins, I think we will see growing demand for good smaller homes.

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