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I Can Live Anywhere – Where Should I Choose?

Dear Monica: My office has been closed since the Shelter In Place began in March and may not open again, at least not as it was. This has opened up the opportunity for me to live wherever I want while working from home. What would be your advice? Mark G.
Dear Mark: Many people are doing exactly what you describe. They are moving to further away places where they can work as long as they have good internet service. Decide where you would like to live and see if other things about it fit your needs. If you have school-aged children this will probably narrow your focus to places that have good schools. Decide too how long you think you will want to live there. If only for a few years before you will need to resell, you should factor this in as well.
While COVID has confined us to our homes, it has also expanded where those homes can be.

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