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How Much To Disclose?

Dear Monica: We are getting ready to sell our house and wonder how much we have to disclose. We have a moisture issue from an unknown source. Should we have an expert inspect it or can we just disclose it and let the buyer deal with it? Jane D.
Dear Jane: You have a duty to disclose any issue that is material to the property and having a moisture problem is material. You are not obliged to have it inspected by an expert but a potential buyer will almost certainly want to understand the source and how much it will cost to fix it. Even if a buyer plans to do a major remodel to the property or build new, they will want to know if there is a drainage issue that will need to be eliminated to prevent trouble in the future. Buyers may be wary of a moisture problem without further information so it makes sense to have an expert assess the problem and disclose the solution and cost to buyers.

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