Fire Safety

Dear Monica: This year’s Camp and Woolsey fires have convinced me that no community is fire safe. What can a homeowner do to protect property? Edward W.
Dear Edward: There are large and small things that can be done to lessen the fire risk. The main utility company has been shown to have been the cause of several of the worst fires and the California Legislature will be looking at many proposals for regulating them more strictly.
Building codes will also change to lessen fire risk. Fire safe roofs and building materials will likely be required on all new installations. Strict rules on defensible space will be enforced. Utility lines will be put underground where possible. Propane tanks may also be undergrounded. Homeowners should be sure that electrical wiring is safe.
Forest management is another key part of any fire prevention plan. The drought has produced many dead and dying trees that spread the fire quickly when ignited. Much can be done to reduce this risk.

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