Fire Insurance

Dear Monica: I have owned a house for several years in a hilly and wooded area. I have always been with the same insurer but I have just received notice that my policy is being canceled. What should I do? Alan C.
Dear Allan: The recent large fires in California have caused many insurers to stop writing policies here. Even Lloyds of London has stopped offering insurance in California. The Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) Plan is a state-mandated program that provides fair access to insurance for individuals who are having trouble insuring their property due to the fact they are considered high risk. The California FAIR plan is not the best insurance and is only offered as a last resort, after the consumer has been turned down by standard insurers.
Let your elected officials know what is happening and press them for solutions. You can expect this topic of finding affordable insurance to be very important as we go through the peak fire season and beyond.

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