Covid 19 Guidelines for Showing Property


Dear Monica:
I have been carefully sheltering in place but would like to know when it is safe to start looking at properties again. What precautions are you taking when showing properties? Diane G.
Dear Diane: Our industry is being very cautious about showing property. If a buyer wants to see a property, they can first view the photos online and virtual tours and open houses if there are any. To actually visit a property buyers and agents must have an appointment, sign a form on the day of their visit that acknowledges they are not ill, and they must wear masks, gloves, shoe covers and have hand sanitizer with them. Only one agent can be in a property with their client at one time and they shouldn’t touch anything. If there is more than one buyer viewing, they must be from the same household. The seller must sign the buyer’s form giving consent to the visit. If the property is occupied, the owners need to vacate during the showing. Under these guidelines buyers, sellers and agents should feel safe.

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