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COVID-19 and Property Taxes

With everything there is to remember these days – wear your mask, don’t socialize in groups, get your COVID test, don’t travel unnecessarily, etc. – it is easy to forget to do other important things, like pay your property taxes.
December 10, less than two weeks away, is the deadline for paying the first installment of your property taxes for the year July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021. If you miss this deadline you will owe the tax plus a 10% penalty and a collection fee. However if you are a homeowner who is unable to pay on time, and the inability to pay is directly caused by COVID-19, and your property is not already delinquent or defaulted on any taxes due prior to March 4, 2020, you are eligible to have the penalty waived on a case by case basis. You may apply for this waiver through the County Assessor’s website.

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