Clearing Out A House To Sell It

Dear Monica:  I am the Trustee of my mother’s estate.  She lived in the same house for decades and I am faced with clearing it out to sell it.  Who can I go to for help?  Anne C.

Dear Anne:  You are in the same position as so many others – having to dispose of family items that may no longer have any value beyond sentimental value.  There is almost no market for most older furniture.  Even antiques that were once in demand are hard to sell.  Tastes in décor change and we have gone through a period of major taste change.

My advice would be to hire a professional organizer who can direct you to outlets for furniture and furnishings.  They can also sort items into piles to donate, sell and discard.  Their help will make your job so much easier.

Where would you like to go from here?

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