Being Creative During the Health Crisis


Dear Monica:
My property is coming on the market this week, just as people are avoiding crowds, workers are being told to work remotely, and while the economy violently responds to these changes. Should I wait for some weeks and see if things calm down? Alice G.

Dear Alice: I am sure you wish the timing of selling your home didn’t coincide with all these incredible events. If you have flexibility on this, you could wait to market your home until the health crisis is more under control. But the real estate market has actually been active these past weeks and spring is traditionally a good time to sell a property so you might not want to wait.

Some agents are not holding open houses during this time, but there are some creative ways to limit exposure to the general public. Your agent can tell other agents to send their clients to an unpublicized open house, thus limiting the number of people who come. An advantage to this is that buyers who come have been pre-selected by their agents for your property. Whatever you decide can be adjusted if the market changes.

Where would you like to go from here?

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