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Advice to First Time Buyers

Dear Monica:  I am trying to buy my first house now that I have a good, stable income but I keep getting outbid by stronger buyers, many paying cash.  How can I succeed in this market?  Eric B.

Dear Eric:  It’s not easy for buyers like you now but do not be dismayed.  If you have an experienced agent to direct you, he or she will guide you through this.  Stay focused and involved, expand your criteria, and watch the market carefully.  You may start out as a somewhat timid buyer but you will learn to be more forceful as your experiences increase.  Make a list with your agent of the things you will compromise on and those you won’t, and stick to this.  While you probably can assume more risk, you should know what to give on and what not to.  Have a good lender behind you, be patient, and keep at it.  If you do these things, I am confident you will succeed.

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